About Me

Hi there! My  name is  Amanda. I am a  geek, admittedly.
In earlier  times I was  not okay with  being a geek. As the 
new  kid in middle  school it was terrible, but  luckily grade
school  and   high school have  very  little  importance  once 
adulthood is met. And now all the cool kids are going geek!
Geez!  Well, I was  a  geek when  being a geek  wasn't cool. 
Didn't someone write a song about that? Or was that country
wasn't cool? Anyways. I am currently a college student and a
full-time customer service representative. I'm the lady on the
other end of the phone call that is trying to fix all your issues!

I play video games across all platforms, PC, PS3, XBox 360,
Wii, and the classics such as Gamecube, N64, SNES, NES,
etc. I love role-playing games both on screen and off, so if I'm
not playing a Final Fantasy game then you'll catch me playing
Dungeons & Dragons. I am a Sanrio and San-X FREAK. I 
love all things Japanese, except the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
I watch  anime and read  manga, but I have recently stopped
attending anime conventions as they have become entirely too
superficial. Someday I hope to find a new con that isn't about
profit, but about the fans. I listen to music from more genres than
you  can shake  Albus  Dumbledore's  wand at, dare  me.  And 
most importantly for this blog I love to read and write. Some of
my favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, gothic, romance,
and classic literature. Well, enough about me. <33333