Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ABCS of Geekiness [A: Comic or Manga]

(The ABCs of Geekiness is a series created by myself in which I go through the alphabet, discussing my favorite anime, books, movies, games, comics, and music. The title that I pick as my favorite must begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. Note: This list is not comprehensive, there are several others I wish I could talk about, but I'll only pick one for time's sake.)

This weeks letter is A and the category for today is **COMICS/MANGA**. You will also be able to indicate what letter and category we are on based upon the image above. Please feel free to join me in this series, but please credit and link me back as the creator. Thank you. :)

One of my favorite anime is A Little Snow Sugar Fairy, which also happens to be a manga, so I chose it for my manga beginning with the letter A! See a better picture of the Snow Sugar Fairy above! The manga follows a girl who lives in Germany who finds a little being tinier than her palm and we find out that she is a fairy! In fact, she is the Snow fairy who can play a magical instrument and make snow fall. We then meet other fairies who also specialize in different seasons of the year. It is a very girly and cute manga and I love it!

My comic choice is The Avengers! I am excited, of course, about the movie this month and have been waiting on it for a long time. I saw some clips of Scarlett Jo that I wasn't too impressed with so I am hoping all my anticipation isn't thrown out the window. So, we shall see!

What is your favorite comic/manga that begins with the letter A? :)