Friday, April 27, 2012

Today I had the privilege of meeting Shay Carl and his wife Collette (from Shaytards, if you don't know what that is, please go to YouTube and looked them up!) at Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in Franklin. About a month ago Shay had put on a vlog that he was coming to my home city to do the Music City Marathon and I was hoping for a meet up, but knew that he would be busy and probably wouldn't have time to do one. Luckily, I found out yesterday that he decided to do a meet up as he was scheduled to do an interview for Ramsey.

I was nervous about going and almost opted not to go, but last minute I found myself sitting in the lobby of the building, waiting for Shay and Collette to appear. I was unsure of what door they were going to be coming out of, so I anxiously looked from door to door. There were about 40 or so other people waiting as well, which doesn't seem like a lot, but when everyone is ready to pounce it seemed like a lot. After about 15 minutes of anticipation, out of the corner of my eye I saw the elevator across from my seat open and out they came! My heart immediately began to pound a million miles an hour and I squealed, despite efforts to not sound like a fan girl. It looked like this. You can tell I was squealing because of the blurriness.

Collette immediately came up to me and gave me a hug. I was the first person she talked to! I was flabbergasted, she asked my name which I could barely get the syllables out of my mouth, and I told her how nice it was to meet her, etc. She then was bombarded by a couple of girls and I started snapping pictures, until I realized I was only getting pictures of her with other people. So I swooped back in and got a picture taken with her.

She is so beautiful and stylish - and SWEET and genuine. She truly seemed like she was grateful for her followers and took special time with everyone that came up with her. She is definitely very patient and non-judgmental. She has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met!

I then scouted out Shay and if there is anything I can say about Shay is that he lights up the room around him. He is so charismatic and charming; it's no wonder he has made such a huge success out of his online persona. He looked me right in the eye and made me feel like I was just talking to an old buddy, rather some famous person. I told him about the first video I ever saw of his - which is one where he didn't know there was a mirror behind him and he didn't have any pants on, so I said, "My first video of you is the one with your butt in the mirror." He laughed.. which I am so lucky to have caught in a picture as I was telling him.

Look at that face! I was cracking up. He really got a kick out of the fact that my first video of him was of his butt. LOL. And then he said, "Let's get a better picture than that." Which is so considerate, most famous people are like "whatever" when it comes to stuff like that.

By the way his cologne smelled so good! Hahaha. Quickly after that, he was rushed off to speak on the Dave Ramsey show which was impossible to hear in the loud crowded room, so I went to my car to have a mild panic attack over having met the two of them and charged my phone so it wouldn't die in the midst of trying to take pictures. The interview is here:

After the interview was over, I waited it out to see if I could get a picture with both Shay and Collette together. Which as you can see... :)

..made me a very happy camper. I was able to tell them that their videos over the past 5-6 years have inspired me and has helped me to get through tough times. Shay told Collette what I told him about the "butt in the mirror" video and she laughed and said something like, "sorry you had to see that." Shay was pulled away again, but I was able to tell Collette that I really appreciate what they do as well as some personal struggles that I don't want to disclose, to which she hugged me and said, "You are why we continue to do what we do." Of course I'm not REALLY, but I understand that she means it is what encourages them to keep going, after all, it is hard to make a vlog EVERY DAY, especially for as long as they have. 

So, to wrap up, I had an amazing day and I still can't believe it happened. I have been able to meet three of my favorite people on YouTube this year, John Green, Shay, and Collette. What else lies in store this year? It really got me to thinking about all the endevours that I have picked up and never finished, so I really want to dedicate as much time as I can to accomplishing as much as I can. Shay and Collette have especially triggered my renewed strength. Again, they do something for me that I could never thank them enough for or even have anything to give back in return. 


Dana said...

Great recap of the meetup. It was a lot more fun than I expected. Thanks for sharing your story!

The Nerdy Word said...

Thanks! I felt like I had to jump in because every time I would try to scoot up to talk to them 10 other people had beat me to it! LOL. It was a challenge to just get enough time to tell them a few quick sentences. I have wanted to meet them for years now and the only thing that mattered to me the most was to tell them how much they have inspired me, how much I have been able to cope with difficult situations because of them and I only had the time that it takes a picture to do it, but I hope I got the words out. It was such a whirlwind! I definitely hope I will have the chance to meet them again and perhaps tell them in more detail the struggles they have helped me overcome. But I am grateful for what little time I did have.