Saturday, April 28, 2012

ABCs of Geekiness Week #1 [A: Anime]

(The ABCs of Geekiness is a series created by myself in which I go through the alphabet, discussing my favorite anime, books, movies, games, comics, and music. The title that I pick as my favorite must begin with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. Note: This list is not comprehensive, there are several others I wish I could talk about, but I'll only pick one for time's sake.)

This weeks letter is A and the first category for today is Anime. You will also be able to indicate what letter and category we are on based upon the image above. Please feel free to join me in this series, but please credit and link me back as the creator. Thank you. :)

Akira is a well known anime-movie that is set in a dystopian Tokyo, Japan. The two main characters are in a motorcycle gang and end up getting involved in a government project. The anime is based loosely on a manga whose length exceeds 2,000 pages. (And I thought I was long winded.) I like this anime's art as well as its story line. I consider it to be a classic anime worth watching for those interested in anime, but have yet to give it a try, or anime gurus who already watch anime. It is not too confusing and is easy followed. I prefer subtitled anime over English dubs, but you can readily find Akira available in both. 

I also created a video vlog about Akira. 

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