Wednesday, January 4, 2012

John Green Week January 3rd - 10th!

Hosted by: I Eat Words

Disclaimer: The following is unedited and was formed by putting thoughts into words with no direction.

Dear John Green & other Nerdfighters but especially John Green,

You are amazing. Yes, that is how I am going to start this letter that you may never read. You are truly inspirational and although I will admit that I haven't been watching you from the very beginning of Vlogbrothers, I have for the past two and a half years been using you. For that I apologize. 

"How have you used me?" you ask.

I constantly and uncontrollably stalk you on the internet. Now, don't freak out. Essentially how this works is I will have a bad day or I will feel down about my life and I watch your videos, read your tweets, statuses, rants and words of awesomeness and suddenly I feel motivated and inspired to get back out there and try again. 

So many times in life I am stressed, pressured, overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated and many times throughout the monotonous daily structure of my day I sometimes contemplate why it is I do any of the things I do. Is it to pay the rent? Is it to put food on the table? Is it so that I can have luxuries such as internet, cell phones, and books to read? Well, yes, but what does any of that do if life is a grey matter and the only enjoyment is the sparks of pleasure here and there that materialistic objects bring into my life? 

You have changed that for me through your works of literature, through your encouraging and humorous videos and for the community in which you have ignited. You lead by example and I believe that is one of the many reasons why so many people follow you. As an adult I can say that you are my role model and not feel embarrassed about it. 

You have helped me put reason to the actions that take place in my life, not only because I have to do them, but because in doing them I can turn mundane tasks into tasks that help change other people's lives and spread positive thoughts onto others who in turn do or say something to someone else who because of being influenced by the positive rather than the negative decide something as big as not to commit suicide to something on a smaller scale such as not to give somebody the finger if they get cut off in line. 

So thank you, John Green, for letting me use you and your influence in order to better my life and people's lives around me. 

P.S. Try yelling "Don't forget to be awesome" to someone who pulls out in front of you, skips you in line, says something mean to you, etc .See their reaction. You will either get a weird look or the person will smile and say thank you or laugh, or maybe ask you what that means. Either way, you have had the opportunity to make someone else's day a bit brighter, just as you have made mine.

Nerdfighter signing out,

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