Friday, December 30, 2011

Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips

Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips
Release Date: 2007
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
GoodReads:  3.36 out of 5
Pages: 192
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WARNING! Adult Content! 

Chloe Doe chronicles a 17-year-old girl's tumultuous path to becoming a prostitute and her ultimate transformation back into mainstream society. During her therapy at Madeline Parker Institute for Girls, Chloe slowly reveals aspects of her painful past--the stepfather who abused her sister, the mother who let it all happen, the need to love and be loved--and faces the future she finally decides to build for herself. Told in heart-wrenching language that's sometimes caustic, often ironic, and always authentic, Chloe Doe is certain to find a place among classics about teens that triumph over their loneliness and desperation to find hope.

The huge warning above is because I have encountered and read a lot of reviews from younger crowds who were terrified after reading this book, some even going to say that they filthy after having read it and are disturbed by it. It's true, the book is about an issue that we can only hope doesn't happen, but the fact is that it does happen; everyday.

Chloe's journey is one that sends a message of finding strength when in the deepest and darkest moments of life. She has a childhood that is filled with abuse and a mother who does nothing to stop it. She becomes a prostitute in order to survive, a job that she shamelessly says she is good at. There are many parts in the story that are gut wrenching and I had to put it down for a moment to fight back tears. It was the holiday season while I was reading it, I didn't exactly feel like crying!

The message is very important in this book and while for some people it is very hard to swallow, it is a short read that demonstrates perseverance.

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