Monday, August 15, 2011

On Writing a Novel

Sometimes writing a novel is like getting lost in Wonderland. You are not sure which turn to take, what characters to trust, or what scene will result in the outcome that you envision. Sometimes you don't even know the outcome. Maybe you know the outcome, but you're not sure how you are going to get there. Perhaps the world you have created in your mind does not come out right, the words do not seem powerful enough, or you can't string them together in the right way to make it flow like the images flow in your mind. You procrastinate out of fear more than anything, despite blaming it on the internet, books, family members, or work, because nothing is more scary than facing yourself; your toughest critic. 

Sometimes you find yourself falling into a road block, a point where you look at your 150 pages of hard work and wonder if its even worth it to continue, so you drag your feet along the path that you've created and hope that when it comes to an end, there will be something soft to catch you. 

 You wonder if anyone understands what you are going through, the madness, the stress, the guilt, the feeling of possibly not being good enough, the thought that your idea is possibly the worst idea to ever be put into words.

You cry a lot.

But then something amazing happens. You meet people who know what its like, who understand, who have their own crazy world inside their head that they are trying so desperately to get into words.

You talk about your ideas together, your stories, your dreams, your hopes, your wishes. You keep writing; you are inspired. That road block doesn't seem so hard to get past anymore. Wonderland is wonderful again.

The writing community through blogs, Twitter, and YouTube have been so helpful, supportive, and kind. Thanks to all of you! I consider you all my friends. 

        and any other CampNaNoWriMos that have been there along the way.. I LOVE YOU!  )