Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prince Harry Becoming a Comic Book Hero!

Wait, what? Okay so Prince Harry will become a comic book character, courtesy of Bluewater Productions. "The Royals: Prince Harry" is scheduled to launch in August and it will contain Harry's upbringing with his mother Princess Diana and his father Prince Charles. It will be published in two formats: a 32-page comic book and a special graphic novel. 

I admit I was a bit thrown off by this news, as comic books hold a special place for me and I don't like new things infiltrating my childhood. On the other hand, I can't say anything negative towards this decision because I'm sure the Royal family life will be interesting to see in comic book form, if not it will at the very least generate a lot of sales. Interesting. 

Game of Thrones Series/HBO News

On Thursday HBO executives announced that they were thrilled with the success of Game of Thrones on HBO, however they have no guarantees that the TV series will cover all the books in the series. 

I don't know where the show will end, as opposed to the books... it would be fantastic to be able to say this show will go on for 10 years, and do every aspect of the books. I don't know that will be the case.. we'll see, but we are doing this without any predetermined idea of the number of seasons.

I personally haven't seen the TV show but I am enjoying the books. I prefer to read the books first and then watch the show, but I hope that it does continue on. If the TV show is just as good as everyone has been saying (granted their are 13 nominations for the 2011 Emmy Awards, so that is saying something) then I would want to watch the show after I am done reading the entire series. 

The most exciting thing about the whole ordeal is that a fantasy writer was able to land a deal with HBO to have his exponentially long and eloquent series turned into a show to begin with. It is a rare occurrence that something as epic and in the fantasy genre becomes so popular! (13.5 million views, anyone!?)

Game of Thrones review coming soon. :) 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Questions!

Q: What is your daily life really like? My daily life consists of college, working full time on a late schedule which in turn makes me stay up all night and sleep all day. I cram as much fun time in between these two things as possible, including reading, spending time with friends and family, and writing! I am currently working on a book about dragons!

Q: How much time do you spend reading? Probably about 30 to 45 minutes on an average day, but when I have more free time I will read for about 3 or 4 hours a day, usually on the weekend I can finish a book or two.

Q: When will you be famous? HA! Well, I'm not worried about being famous. If I never become famous, that's okay. It's my family and friends who matter most.

Q: Why do you enjoy reading? Definitely because of how it whisks me away into a different world, a different scenario, a different country, a different culture; whatever the case may be. It is a form of escapism, but it also teaches me and inspires me.

Q: Where would you most like to travel?  This is hard because there are so many places I want to go, but I guess the number one place on my list would have to be Ireland. I am in love with Irish folklore.

{ These questions came from Good Golly Miss Holly. She does a meme called 5x5 Q's which I want to start participating in! So I grabbed the questions. If you want, you can respond to these questions and next week we will do 5 different ones! It's a little different than what she does, she has a specific person answer, but I'd rather us just all answer! :)  }

I am not Esther by Fleur Beale

I am not Esther by Fleur Beale
Release Date: July 1, 2004
Publisher: Hyperion
Goodreads: 3.71 out of 5
Pages: 258
Buy It: Amazon

Imagine that your mother tells you that she is going away. She is leaving you with relatives whom you have never heard of-and they are members of a strict religious cult. Your name is changed to a biblical one, Esther, and you are forced to follow the severe set of social standards set by the cult. You don't know where you mother is, and you are beginning to lose your own identity.

This was such an emotionally charged read. Kirby is a girl that I feel strongly connected to for many reasons, but let's begin at the beginning. She lives with her mother, Ellen, who is a nurse but despite her position at a hospital she is very irresponsible and Kirby has to take care of the "adult" things around the house such as paying bills, grocery shopping, and cleaning. It has just always been that and Ellen's love seems to make up for it in Kirby's opinion. However, Ellen is very child-like, right down to the fact that Kirby has to make sure that all the money doesn't get blown because Ellen loves to shop. She is sort of a ditz when it comes to being a mother.

Suddenly Kirby is sent away to stay with relatives that Ellen never talked about, in fact she refused to tell her daughter about her childhood so Kirby had no clue that anyone else existed in the family. We soon found out that it is for a good reason! But I won't give away the plot, it is mostly the setting that I wish to discuss.

Kirby's "relatives" end up being the equivalent of cultists, taking theism to an extreme level. The lifestyle that the Pilgrim family live is so beyond frightening to me. They go as far as taking away Kirby's name and giving her a Biblical one, just like everyone else that is in the "Fellowship". They follow the Bible to a literal extent, declaring that men are the only ones that get to make decisions, women do what the men say and everything that they do must be "seemly" meaning that they must wear their skirts down past their ankles, blouses that go all the way up the neck and sleeves that go down past the wrists, their hair must be pleated into a tight braid and then a scarf must be worn over it, so as to not tempt men. The women's duties are to get married, pregnant, and then tend to the children and house; nothing more. Marriage is pre-arranged and picked by a group of Elders at the "Fellowship" church. You can ask for one year to postpone marriage, but that is it, one year. By the way, you are ready to be married at age 16. Glorious. Just like the Lord wants it, right?

There is no television, telephones, newspapers, books, music, nothing. Only the Bible. And say something ungodly or against what the man of the household declares as proper and you will spend the day locked up in a room being forced to study from the Bible with only bread for a meal three times a day. This is used a form of punishment and if that wasn't enough, if you decided that you weren't going to do what you were told, the rest of the family would have to get on their knees and pray for you until you decided that you were going to do as you told. One of the children of the house told Kirby that they once stayed like that for two days. TWO DAYS?! Absolutely insane. The whole entire community of supposed "Christ's children of the faith" are totally, entirely, without a doubt insane and this book creeped me out. To think that people really do live this way!

Upon finishing this book, I began doing research on cults and theism extremists in the United States and I can't say that I am pleased with the results. There are more people out there that live like this than I realized. It is sickening to think that these type of religious crazies actually reside in the same state that I do, no more than an hour from where I live. Of course they will never read this blog because they think that electricity is the devil, but to them I say shame on you for the abuse that you put your children through. It is one thing to practice religion, it is another thing to use it as an excuse to bully your children and get away with it. 

I'm going to stop ranting. It was a great book. It is a must read! You will sigh in relief at the end and at the same time, shutter in disgust. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My YouTube review: Coming soon!
Rhymes with Cupid by Anna Humphrey
Release Date: January 1st, 2011
Publisher: Harper Teen
Goodreads3.74 out of 5
Pages: 240
Buy it: Amazon

Rhymes with Cupid and is about a girl named Elyse who, after a terrible heartbreak last Valentine’s day, has sworn off dating as well as celebrating the February 14th holiday. Both things are a bit of a problem, though, since a) she works at a gift & stationery store, surrounded by tacky, sparkly cards and annoying singing Cupid dolls and b) she ends up meeting this guy named Patrick who works in the same mall and is her new neighbor and her driving instructor and is really cute and incredibly charming… which, you know, might be okay except for the whole ‘sworn off dating’ thing and the fact that he seems to be into her best friend.

It's a little bit too late or too early depending on how you look at things to read a Valentine's Day story, but that is okay! This was a cute story that I enjoyed even though there is no snow on the ground. Actually, it's a million degrees so this book helped me keep cool! The author created a scenario that could easily happen to teens/young adults so it was relateable and none of the characters were annoying! Dina was a sweetheart, everyone should have her as a best friend. And Patrick is SO cute and the perfect boyfriend. Check this story out if you are looking for a quirky romance!