Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodness Gracious: An Update

Why hello there! I haven't forgotten about you. This semester of college has been a crazy one and I haven't had time to read for pleasure as much as I would like, therefore, I am behind. I have several reviews that are coming up as I was able to snag some reading time in over the past week. So, they are coming! Here are the books that I have read and are awaiting review:

In no particular order:
1. Hush Money by Susan Bischoff
2. The Study Train by Kurt Frenier
3. Crazy by Han Nolan 

and I will be posting the Casablanca lit/film cross-breed review by the end of the week. =] 

So I haven't forgotten about you, my beautiful blog that I so deeply cherish. I just had to put you on the back burner while I prepared for mid-terms and wrote papers.

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