Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm still alive.

So this is an update. Essentially after reading The Hunger Games I took a break away from reading to gather my spirit again. It was one of those reads that kind of made everything else seem mediocre when I tried to get into a book. I knew that the books I were reading were indeed NOT mediocre, but because of reading The Hunger Games I was left with a sort of reading "high" if you will. I didn't want to write a review right away and give something a score that it didn't actually deserve. 

In the meantime, if there are any gamers out there, Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta was released Labor Day weekend and it took me two or three days to get the thing to install due to issues with the patch and having problems figuring out what to do in order to get it installed. For those of you wondering what Final Fantasy XIV is, it is a Massively Multiplayer Online game in which you level up your character by doing quests and other things and meet other players and team up with them to kick some booty!  I have spent a few hours after work just getting familiar with the game and I cannot wait until release! Lookie, here is a few screen shots of my character! 

Isn't she cuuuuuuute? She is a cat girl with pink hair and ears and tail. I love her. Anyways, outside of playing the game I have been reading my next book in line for review which is Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and that review will be coming up soon. And other than that I have been going to classes which consist of Literature: Themes in Film and Culture and Spanish. The Lit class is basically a smörgåsbord of literature in film as well as studying the themes of film and the themes of literature in culture. I mean it's basically the motherload! And Spanish is, well, Spanish. By the end of the class I hope to read a middle grade book in Spanish. :D :D :D :D 

Well, that's enough of my ranting. =] Hope everyone is having a great week and I'll be posting more now that I'm recovered from The Hunger Games. lol. 

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