Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Most Comfortable Spot on My Couch

How do you get comfortable to read?
Essentials for reading?
Where and when?

My most favorite place to read is outside in the fall or spring. I absolutely love it when the wind is slightly blowing and there is a nice cool shade for me to sit in, but there must be sun. That kind of sun that is hidden mostly behind a cloud, but causes a beam of beautiful light. If the sun is hiding that day and its chilly, I like for there to be no wind, only a peaceful calm. Have you ever walked outside in the fall and listened to the sound of the leaves dancing when the wind blows or listened to the nothingness when the leaves have already fallen? Yes, I love that sound while I am reading. In the spring, I love the beauty of the green coming back to earth after winter leaves its footprint and those blue skies that make for viewing when pondering over what I've just read.

Recently with it being summer it has been too hot for me to go out and enjoy reading outside, so on the days that its either too hot or too cold I found solace in my couch or in my bed. So, do you have anything that you would prefer to have when you are at home reading? Here is my list that makes my reading more enjoyable.

  • A lit candle or incense
  • Soft music 
  • A snuggly fuzzy warm blanket (in the summer I blast the AC and snuggle up)
  • A few big fluffy pillows
  • Some type of beverage
  • Laptop (in case I ever need to look something up (ie authors, word meanings, etc)
  • A clock to check the time every once in a while because I get so lost in the story that I sometimes lose track of other things I need to do (sorry mom for not calling)
  • Last but not least.. A PILE OF BOOKS! 

I am interested to know what other people like to have with them when they curl up to read. Sometimes I just plop down and read, but these things are nice to have for me, a kind of relaxing if you will, so they are not always needed, but nice to have. So, share yours with me and everyone else for that matter, I think it would be pretty cool to see where people like to read and how. If anyone wants to respond on their own blog, that would be awesome, if not just comment below or laugh at me for being so geeky about my reading.YEP I'M A BIG DORK! For example, do you read in the bath, at work on lunch break, in the morning, at night before bed? Do you like being on the porch at night or reading by candlelight? Anytime, everywhere? (Should I try to use Mr. Linky? Here goes nothing...)

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