Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Small Sample of the Beginning of Chapter 1:
There was once a man who wished to gain his Heart's Desire.
And while that is, as beginnings go, not entirely novel (for every tale about every young man there ever was or will be could start in a similar manner) there was much about this young man and what happened to him that was unusual, although even he never knew the whole of it.

Tristan Thorn promises to bring back a fallen star. So he sets out on a journey to fulfill the request of his beloved, the hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester - and stumbles into the enchanted realm that lies beyond the walls of his English country town. Rich with adventure and magic, Stardust is one of master storyteller Neil Gaiman's most beloved tales, and the inspiration for the hit movie.

"A twisting, wondrous tale full of magic." - Chicago Tribune

This story really is magical and enchanting. I absolutely loved it. I loved the movie but wanted to see the story written and I had high expectations of how it should be written. Neil Gaiman did not fail me. I absolutely grew to care for Tristan and the "star." I didn't want anything bad to happen to either of them, but when things did happen I was glad that Neil took great care of my beloved characters. The way that the story was written is beautiful, right down to the syntax. If Neil would write more about this same magical land I would keep reading.

The world that it was written in was interesting and intrigued me. I wanted to know more and more. I do feel like the book closed well so I didn't find any loop holes or have any problems with an underdeveloped plot. I just LOVE this book! I will continue to keep it in my collection and if I ever have children I will read this to them. It feels like a classic fairytale to me and I am so happy to own it. I recommend it to anyone who loves Wizard of Oz because of the sense of adventure and also to anyone who loves tales of unicorns and witches! By the way, Victoria Forester is not hauntingly beautiful, she's annoying and Tristan deserves better. That is all. [;


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