Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Hoppity Hop!

Follow My Book Blog Friday Hosted By: Parajunkee
Book Blogger Hop Hosted By: Crazy-For-Books

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week seemed to fly right past me. It wasn't the best week for me, but enough about that! I am so glad it's Friday and I was recently honored with reading Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin. I can't wait to put up the review and tell you all about it. So hello to everyone who is already following and welcome anyone who will follow, comment and I will certainly stop by your blog as well. =)

The question this Friday from the Book Blogger Hop is...
How many blogs do you follow?

I follow 48 blogs currently and if this blog hop has anything to say about it, by the end of this weekend I will be following more. I love meeting new people and seeing what other people's opinions on books are and frequently step outside of genres that I would normally read in order to expand my horizons. There is no amount of knowledge that is enough and I always want to read more! So keep'em coming, Blog Hop. =)

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