Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Series Review: The Elemental Masters by Mercedes Lackey

Hello world out there! I will be reading and reviewing the wonderful world of Mercedes Lackey and her series called The Elemental Masters. I have read a couple of other Mercedes Lackey titles, but never a complete series and never in order in which they are supposed to be read. So! With that being said, I am going to start from the beginning and capture the real essence of Mercedes Lackey's work. The list is as follows!
  1. The Fire Rose
  2. The Serpent's Shadow
  3. The Gates of Sleep
  4. Phoenix & Ashes
  5. Wizard of London
  6. Reserved for the Cat
  7. Unnatural Issue
Beginning with The Fire Rose I will post my review on each book along with answering one question at the end of the review that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! than what most people would ask of a story of such a genre. The question is.... drum roll...

What would have happened differently if Darth Vader from Star Wars had been a mysterious man with a magical shop that the main character could visit to grant one wish?

Let's find out!

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